Honky Tonk House Concerts was born from Jay Johnson’s love of music and his desire to share the artists that he admired with his friends. Since 2006 Jay and Tammy have opened their home to many great musicians and fans alike. The shows are hosted in their home in Streetsboro, Ohio, there is a pot luck prior to every show, all shows are BYOB and a donation for the artist is appreciated but not mandatory.

We hope to see you all at a show soon, and don’t forget to bring Jay a beer!

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Upcoming Shows

Peter Case

Three time Grammy nominee, Peter Case’s work sets the bar for authenticity, passion and imagination and spans a number of genres, including folk, blues, and rock. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Case came to the Bay area in 1973 and worked as a street musician and played in the seminal power pop group The Nerves, before moving to Los Angeles to form the Plimsouls, landing a deal with Geffen Records. The Plimsouls achieved success with the single, “A Million Miles Away,” but broke up shortly after. Case’s 1986 solo Geffen record revealed deep roots in folk and blues, and earned him his ...

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Harpeth Rising w/ special guest Kate Kooser

Harpeth Rising chose to name themselves after a river because water is both dynamic and powerful. These words also describe the music created by the three women – Jordana Greenberg (violin, vocals), Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals) and Maria Di Meglio (cello, vocals). Unapologetic genre-benders, they fuse Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into a sound that is organically unique. “We don’t set out to create something different, we just write in a way that is true to ourselves while trying to always expand and explore the new influences in our lives.” says Greenberg. “We’re aware of genre divisions, we’re just not bound ...

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Irene Kelley

We call a collection of songs an “album,” and never has the term been more apt than in Irene Kelley’s new bluegrass powerhouse, “Pennsylvania Coal.” It’s like leafing through the generations of a family photo album, while Kelley lovingly fills in the details and fleshes out the characters. One photo is literal. On the back cover is a 100-year-old shot taken at the mouth of the Crabtree, Pennsylvania coalmine, and among the miners is Kelley’s grandfather. Her title song is both centerpiece and fountainhead for the stories that follow. From this first-generation American tale of hardship and struggle comes the strength, ...

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Linda McRae w/ special guest Quinn Sands

Fill a dipper from the depths of the deep well of country blues, old-time, folk and roots music, bring it to life with the plunk of a lone banjo, the snap of a guitar string, or the wheeze of an accordion, bring it full circle with a warm and world-weary voice and you have the sound. Share in the human experience while making an intimate connection with the stories and you have the message.   McRae’s stories are stand-alone gems sketching out solitary men as convincingly as forthright female romantics. One song breaks your heart, the next one puts it back together. ...

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